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CAPEX FM stands for Corporate Asset Property EXperts in Facility Management and we stand by our name.

Our approach is revolutionising the way services and outcomes are being achieved in the Facility Services Space and we invite you to come on the journey with us to the future of service delivery and find out how you can truly map, manage and make your service providers achieve what you require and make your facility stand out from the rest.


Our Team works to achieve success by ensuring that all services are auditable, live, transparent and can be measured against the KPIs.

Our technology and management support ensures that each service and sourced service provider can be measured and accountable to these standards and requirements and can achieve the desired outcomes.
Service providers are required to align reporting and key criteria within central client dashboards and provide live and transparent access to their services to ensure our clients have direct access to their service providers.
Clients are provided with live access to their services.

CLIENT “A” requires a building manager to service 3 sites. CAPEX FM finds a service provider who is the best match on your key criteria. The service provider is provided access to report and manage the site by accessing live reporting and all the key criteria to managing the site. The Building Manager unlike other service providers is then tasked and matched to ensure they can manage the outcomes as a project manager. The client is then provided live access to their dashboard and all reporting and service provision. The Building Manager is responsible for managing the requirements for the client and ensuring all of the clients requirements are met as detailed in the contract of service.

Finally CAPEXFM and the client measure and access to ensure the outcomes are met and achieved and constantly evaluate the results to determine any possible cost savings or increases to outcomes as the service continues.



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Licensed In Service

Licensed to perform all required services as required to comply with the State and National Licensing Authorities.

Compliant to Standards

ISO, OHS, Quality and Environment Qualified to the highest standards to ensure the quality of management of all services.

Labor Hire Compliant

Where the service state requires Labour Hire Compliance we make it a minimum requirement.

COVID Compliant

All of our Sites are COVID Safe and have COVID Plans in Place and are required in every service completed.

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