His business growth and progress.jpg
His business growth and progress.jpg

Our Unique Approach to Facility Management

CAPEX FM is not only a service provider but a service sourcing company. Our key fundamentals are finding the perfect match for our clients based upon their assessed needs to maximise benefit, reduce cost and provide the most valuable outcomes.

How we Work to Success

CAPEX FM assesses client’s individual needs and required outcomes based upon their budget and planned future growth and KPIs both from within and for their own clients.

Upon our assessment we suggest possible services and requirements to achieving our client’s goals.

You as our client then advise us as to how you wish to proceed and what services and processes you wish to be put in place.

Upon your request we then source and seek those services that best suit your requirements.
Our assessment for services is on the following set of standards;

1)    Compliance & Auditing Capability
2)    Locality to Serviced Location
3)    Staff Training and Mentoring
4)    Capability to Service to the requirements
5)    Technology and Innovation Offerings
6)    Price and Benefits

Upon providing such an assessment and ensuring they meet your needs we provide you with the service offerings and costs.

In essence we do the leg work and sourcing to find the best match to your needs.


CAPEX FM has years of experience within the services industry and specialising in providing services and sourcing services for the below Industries and their subsequent services.




  • Single Site Dedicated Managers

  • Multi Site Roaming Managers

  • Remote Building Managers 

  • Caretakers

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  • Single projects

  • Ongoing and Multi-site Projects

  • Cross Site and Cross Service Project Management




  • Hotel and Apartment Services

  • Check-in and Access Control

  • Corporate Front Desk

  • Administration

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  • Strata Cleaning

  • Commercial Cleaning

  • Office Cleaning

  • Industrial Cleaning

  • Window Cleaning

  • Deep Cleaning

  • Carpet Cleaning

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  • Waste Management Consultancy

  • Sourcing Small to Large Waste Services

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  • Mobile Patrols

  • Static Guards

  • Event Services

  • Retail Security

  • Centre Security

  • Access Control

  • Risk Assessments